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Babysitter in Unlicensed Childcare Center Beat a Toddler So Bad "His Eye Color Changed".

23-year-old Hunter Jones of Kenosha, Wisconsin has been charged with first-degree reckless homicide in the March beating death of 2-year-old Matthew Bolinski. Matthew's mother, Katherine Bolinski, recalls the day she dropped off her precious little boy at Jones' home where Jones' wife was supposed to watch him while she worked. She said "he threw a fit like no other" when it was time for her to go and, in hindsight, she wishes she'd never left him.

That was the last time Bolinski would see her little boy alive.

In a call to 911 Jones says that little Matthew climbed out of a playpen and hit his head, blaming a tantrum for his injuries. In the call he said:

"I have a toddler that I was babysitting and he was in a playpen.'This child has some sort of mental issue. He throws tantrums. He threw a tantrum. He jumped out of the playpen and hit his head and stuff like that. He has a history of this; we have messages, you know, like talking to her about it.' Four minutes into the call he added: 'Yeah, well the thing is, he is not responsive right now.' He later told investigators he found the toddler wrapped in a sheet, not breathing."

Jones' wife says that she was not present when the incident happened because she'd gone to pick up dinner.

When Ms. Bolinski next saw her baby boy, it was at the city morgue. Paramedics said that when they arrived the child was already deceased and had been for at least an hour. When asked why he didn't report that the child was dead Jones said that he "didn't want to think that he was dead".

Via Fox 5:

"His eyes went from a deep blue to really, really light blue. Bruises all over his face. I lost it. I just couldn't hold it back," Katherine Bolinski said, adding that she waited to speak publicly about her son until last week when prosecutors charged Jones.

Court filings say the boy's body had a number of injuries to his head and neck, which weren't there earlier in the day."

In the days leading up to Matthew's death, the Jones' had been caring for as many as 12 children on any given day.

Ms. Bolinski says that it's hard for her to go to court and hear of the atrocities that happened to her son but, she'll be there to seek justice for him.

We hope this man rots for what he did!

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