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Baby Boy Stolen From His Mother's Womb Dies After Spending Weeks on Life Support.

A month after the missing Chicago mother was found dead, and her baby cut from her womb, her newborn son has died.

Fox 32 reports:

"Yovani Jadiel Lopez died at 5 a.m. Friday at Christ Hospital after weeks on life support, according to Julie Contreras, a spokeswoman for the family. Contreras said Baby Yovani was still on life support when his condition suddenly deteriorated.

"It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of baby Yovanny Jadiel Lopez. He passed away this Friday June 14, 2019 from his severe brain injury," a statement from the family read.

The family was waiting on a third opinion from medical professionals on his condition at the time of his death, according to Contreras. She said it was not known whether his father, Yovani Lopez, was with his son at the time of his passing though it was not unusual for him to spend the night at the hospital."

Three people have been charged for the murder of Marlen Ochoa-Lopez, the child's mother, who was lured to her death by a woman promising to give her free baby clothes for her son. Ochoa-Lopez had been missing for three weeks when her body was found in a garbage can behind a home on the south side of Chicago.

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