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Hand-cuffed Teen Dives Head First Out of Window at a Police Station and Escapes!

We've seen people do some crazy things to avoid getting arrested but almost never something like this. 17-year-old Quantrell D. Schwartzlow got removed from his High School classroom in October and carted into the Rock County, Wisconsin sheriff's department on suspicion of strangulation/suffocation in an August 1 assault.

While Schwartzlow was in custody he was left alone in an interview room he hatched a daring scheme to escape using the one method the officers didn't think of. The teen leapt from a second story window 12-feet off of the ground. The getaway was caught by a camera located in the corner of the ceiling in the room. Watch.

Chile. . . This boy had NERVE!

Capt. Todd Christiansen of the detective bureau revealed stainless-steel security screens have been installed over the windows in two interview rooms following the escape.

He said the windows had remained unchanged since the 1980s.

Schwartzlow was caught in Janesville hiding at a friend's house three-and-a-half hours after his escape.

The teen was charged with escape in the incident. He has pleaded not guilty, and his case is pending in Rock County Court.


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