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Missouri Mother Fakes Her Daughter's Death for Financial Gain!

Now this just takes the cake! 21-year-old Brittany Webster was sitting at home, minding her business, when she was contacted by her aunt who told her that she was, pretty much, missing her own homegoing service! You read that right, Brittany was missing her funeral!

According to WTSP Webster said that the service was an all out affair with scripture readings, soloists AND a repast!

"They had pictures of me blown up into posters that said rest in peace Brittany, and my aunt eventually had obtained one of the obituaries and sent pictures of it."

For her mother to hoodwink an entire town is just crazy! At this time no one seems to know where her mother, who has not been named, is but they're asking folks who've seen her to call the police. We guess names aren't important when you've scammed the whole community.

Let's hope Brittany makes a trek to Ferguson and sets the wheels in motion for these good-hearted people to get their money back.


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