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New Details: Autopsy States Baby Girl was Alive When She was Placed in a Hot Oven!

Just last week we reported on the gruesome death of 20-month-old Royalty Marie Floyd whose grandmother is the alleged killer. The baby was stabbed and then placed in a hot oven where a family member found her body. Now, more details have emerged about that horrible day.

An autopsy report that was filed with the Bolivar County Coroner’s office states that little Royalty was ALIVE when she was placed in the oven! According to the report, Royalty died “from sharp stab wounds and inhaling the heated air in the oven.”

The entire case has rocked the small community but, everything seems a little off. When the authorities arrived at the home, after the initial call, they noticed that a child's high chair, and several toys filled a trash can near the entrance of the home. It's unclear whether these items were set out to be taken by trash collectors before the day of the murder or if they were set out by the grandmother.

Sheriff Kelvin Williams confirmed that the items did belong to Royalty in a press conference. He also said that at this time they do not know if mental illness played a part in the death of the child and they are limited on what details they can divulge.

Members of the community gathered together for a memorial service held for "Floyd Monday night on the lawn of the Bolivar County Courthouse in Cleveland. Religious leaders, as well as state, county and city officials, lent words of support and condolences to Floyd’s family and loved ones. In addition, dozens of community mourners were in attendance. Prayers were offered, hymns were sung and candles were lit in honor of Floyd, who was killed just days shy of being 21 months old."

A GoFundMe has been opened by the family to help them with the funeral costs.

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