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University Student Was on the Phone with Her Mother When She Was Murdered! "I Heard Her Yell No

More details have emerged surrounding the death of a University of Utah student, Lauren McCluskey, who was shot and killed last night. According to her mother, 21-year-old McCluskey had broken up with her killer, Melvin Rowland, after finding out that he'd served 9 years in jail for "attempting to sexually abuse a minor" and lying about his age.

The victim's family states that she had contacted the police for assistance in getting her car back from Rowland after their break up on October 10th. After that incident she made reports to the authorities complaining of Rowland harassing her.

McCluskey had been returning from an evening class just before 10pm and was on the phone with her mother when she was approached by her enraged boyfriend. Her mother heard an disagreement and then heard her daughter yell "no, no, no!"

The University of Utah released a statement saying in part that Lauren McCluskey "was a senior studying communications, was 'an accomplished student athlete', and a star on the school's track and field team". It is evident that she will be missed by her family, friends and loved ones.

I'm sure more of us are going to be looking into the backgrounds of our potential mates a little more frequently after this.

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