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When the Punishment DOESN'T Fit the Crime. Florida Man Jailed for 20 Years for Stealing Cigarett

Almost all of us have gotten punished by our parents for something we deemed "small". Whether your mother was like mine or not, we all know what it's like to have something taken away from us that we held dear. Some were whooped, some were restricted from going outside and, if you were a kid like me who stayed in your room and read all day, you were sent OUTSIDE. Without a book. Dear God that still brings back nightmares!

Kids these days will say extreme punishment is having their phones taken away or being told "no".

No matter what you did, or how many times you did it, your parents never locked you up forever (I hope)!

I said all of that to say, there are people who repeatedly commit crimes. Some are serious, like murder and sexual assault, some are minor like stealing newspapers and cigarettes. In any case, I'm struggling to see how one man can be sentenced to 20 YEARS for stealing cigarettes in Florida while George Zimmerman walks the earth freely.

Here's the breakdown according to the Pensacola News Journal:

"An Escambia County jury in August convicted Robert Spellman, 48, of burglary and grand theft for the Dec. 28 incident.

He went into the Circle K in the 200 block of West Cervantes Street and took 10 cartons of cigarettes from a locked manager's office in the stock room.

He was found nearby, matched a description of the suspect, was wearing the same clothing and had the cigarettes, according to the State Attorney's Office.

Spellman had 14 felony and 31 misdemeanor convictions prior to this charge, so his 20-year sentence qualifies him as a habitual felony offender."

I don't care what Mr. Spellman stole, if it wasn't the crowned jewels of England, 20 years is too much time! I swear this country is always trying to make an example out of Black and Brown people while white sex offenders get released to commit crimes again and again. AND what Black man steals Malboro's?? Cuz could have at least grabbed the Newport 100's!

At this point, I have to say, I'm not even surprised by the hair-brained schemes that this country pulls on us any more. It's OBVIOUS that this man needs some sort of psychological help but, unlike Winona Ryder, he's not allowed to simply sit in timeout for a brief period then emerge like nothing ever happened. We've got people with this many crimes on their record serving in official capacity in this country and he gets 20 years for cigarettes? Nope, I'm not buying it.

What do you think? Is the sentence a little too stiff or do you think he deserves it? Let's chat in the comments.


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