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Prime Time to Strike. Bobby Brown Releases New Music "Like Bobby". [LISTEN]

Welp, we can't blame Bobby Brown for throwing his fans new music on the heels of his WILDLY successful biopic. The two-part BET flick revived old fans, created new ones and shook s#!t up for those of you who thought Bobby wasn't as wild as we remembered. Dude was wildER!

A more settled Bobby is what we've all been seeing for years and I've personally been wondering if he still had the vocals like "Old Bobby"? Is he still as "bad" as "Old Bobby"? Or, is our "Old Bobby" a distant memory that we should hold dear, kind of like we're all still reminiscing over old "Being Bobby Brown" episodes?

Not to be outdone by his son, Bobby Brown Jr., who recently dropped new music, the elder Brown hopped in the studio to show these youngins how it's done. Get into "Like Bobby" below.

Yes there's a hint of autotune on the vocals but, it's almost just like having our "Old Bobby" back again! Is "Like Bobby" a Play or Pass for you?

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