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Hospital Charges Family $800 for Using Their SINK!

We all know that, just like any other business, doctors and hospitals up-charge their services. If you buy a pair of socks from a retailer for $5 trust and believe they got them wholesale for under $2. It's the nature of profit margins and how the world goes around. Well. . . this case here took the word "profit" and ran with it!

According to KTNV in Las Vegas, the Lee family was charged more than $800 for using a sink to wash their daughter's eyes when she accidentally got gasoline in them!

"Brianna's mom was showing her how to pump gas and when Brianna went to remove the nozzle some gasoline splashed into her eyes.Brianna's eyes were burning and her mother raced her into the gas station restroom where they flushed her eye. But the burning persisted.

"It was actually kind of scary because my mom didn't want my vision to go away and I was scared that I wouldn't have good vision anymore," Brianna said.

Fearing a chemical burn they went to the emergency room at Centennial Hills Hospital where records show they were told to spend more time washing Brianna's eyes.

"The eyewash station was too unsanitary and was too dirty so they couldn't use it," Brianna's father Ronnie Lee told us. It's a fact that's documented in her medical record.

"For the emergency room not to be properly equipped, not to be ready to process any type of emergency that comes in, is scary!"

Because the eyewash station was dirty, Brianna was sent to a regular sink and her mom rinsed her eyes.

Centennial declined an interview but reponded via email that they are reviewing the circumstances surrounding this matter to ensure that proper procedures are followed.

Ronnie says they got more help at the gas station, "there I actually had an eyewash, which they didn't charge me anything for."

The hospital responded with this lame statement:

This is an entire bag of B.S. Even IF the doctor did examine the child, was it really worth $800 if there were no machines involved? He did the equivalent of giving a customer directions to the bathroom in a restaurant and thinks he should get $800 for it! If that's the case I know a few waitresses who need to start up-charging too!

What are your thoughts on this situation? Is this bill fair to you or a little over the top? Let's chat about this in the comments below!


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