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Despicable Human! "Mother" Charged with Allowing Men to Rape Her TODDLER!

Children are a gift. A blessing that many people would LOVE to have. They are a walking, talking reminder that in some way, you will live on in the world once you're gone. With all of that said. . . I don't feel like everyone deserves the right to have these precious gifts. Azzie Watson is one of them.

I can't go into the details so, I'll give them to you straight from the Kansas City Star.

"The 2-year-old girl had no “daddy,” but some terror of men came crying up when her new foster parent tried to change her diaper.

“Daddy hurt me,” she cried. “Daddy, stop being mean. Daddy, it hurts.”

The horrors that foster parent discovered June 29 were the worst she had ever seen, according to Kansas City police: The 2-year-old girl had been repeatedly raped. And both she and her 1-year-old brother had scarred and punctured feet.

Now the children’s mother faces abuse and endangerment charges — and accusations that she said in a recorded conversation that she delivered her daughter as many as 10 times to a home in east Kansas City where she witnessed two men sexually assaulting the child.

Watson, 25, of Independence faces three counts of abuse or neglect and one count of endangerment because her children allegedly lived in the presence of methamphetamine and amphetamine.

Watson’s 43-year-old boyfriend, Charles D. Green, is also charged with two counts of endangering the welfare of a child for possessing methamphetamine in the presence of both children.

No one has yet been arrested or charged with raping the child, a Kansas City police spokesman said Wednesday. The case remains under investigation.

Watson, who has other charges pending in Wyandotte County, was in custody in Wyandotte County jail as police began investigating the foster parent’s discovery.

The children were taken to Children’s Mercy hospital, where officials summoned police. At the hospital, Green, who had been taken into custody that day by Independence police on an unrelated charge, provided police a recording of Watson in which she apparently admitted she had seen two men sexually assaulting her 2-year-old daughter.

She said in the recording that she was embarrassed about going back to the men in the house and that she knew it “was bad and so wrong,” according to an investigator’s statement. Watson said she was involved in sexual activity with the men and saw that her daughter was being sexually assaulted. She called herself “a coward.”

Investigators spoke with Watson in an interview room at the jail July 10. Watson told them that the recording was not true and that she had felt threatened by her boyfriend and told him lies “because he wasn’t believing the truth,” the investigator’s statement said.

She told police that she did not take her children to another home and that she and her children were living with Green at his motorcycle shop on U.S. 40 in Independence.

Medical records showed that the 2-year-old had contracted a sexually transmitted infection and had amphetamines in her system. Both of the children had scarred feet, embedded with sharp metal objects, which Watson said may have happened from walking around without shoes in the motorcycle shop.

She said her children called Green “Daddy.”

Watson rarely had a stable home while growing up in Great Bend, Kan., said Aubree Crawford, a childhood friend.

“She seemed happy for the most part,” Crawford said. “I don’t think the constant moving really impacted her much. She was always wanting to become friends with new people. It’s crazy to me that she let this happen to her 2-year-old.”

The foster parent who took in Watson’s children saw something else she’d never seen before, she told police. Despite their fear, she said, neither of the children ever asked for their mother. She said she had never housed foster children who did not ask for their parent.

I'm not saying that I wish harm on these two. . . HOWEVER. . .I will say that I pray for God's will to be done. This entire story made me sick to my stomach.

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