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NY Times Best-Selling Author, Tomi Adeyemi, Shares an Intimidating Encounter with Police That Left U

If you follow our Facebook page, or are an avid reader, you'll already know who Tomi Adeyemi is. If you don't we'll summarize this wonder for you. Tomi Adeyemi is a young Nigerian American who wrote an amazing novel called "Children of Blood and Bone" that had a seven figure movie deal before it was even released! She graduated from Harvard, is drenched in Black Girl Magic and did it all before the age of 25! She's a beast with her pen and critics hailed her FIRST novel as being akin to "Black Panther with Magic". Trust me, this woman is the epitome of a writer's writer!

All of this is why we're truly shocked about an incident that happened to her just yesterday involving the police in her area. She posted the full account on Twitter and we'll let you read it in her words.

"4 officers just showed up on my doorstep.

they showed their badges and asked to speak to someone inside my house.

i instantly saw their guns.

when i asked if they had a warrant, an officer threatened to come back with a warrant and rip my door off its hinges.

when it was revealed that all they wanted was to see if someone inside had a phone contact that would help them with an investigation, I asked why the officer threatened a search warrant at all or to rip my door off its hinges.

the officer denied making either threat

(and, yes—i have a video recording of him making both threats.)

when i tried to explain why four white men with badges and guns showing up on a black woman’s doorstep in 2018 was cause for extreme alarm, they said:

“this isn’t about race”

“I don’t see color”

“I’m colorblind”

at this point i had to take a moment to myself.

i sat on my floor and cried.

but i was hoping—HOPING—this could be a teachable moment for them.

so at the end of this encounter i pulled myself together and tried to explain AGAIN how every day for the past two years I’ve seen pictures and videos of white men with badges like theirs and guns like theirs murder and assault innocent black people.

i tried to explain how understanding that viewpoint would help them positively interact with black people in the future.

the officer who threatened to rip my door off its hinges and then denied making this threat interrupted me to say the following: “I wish the public would stop focusing on the negative. It’s such a small percentage of the police force. I get discriminated against all the time.”

then the fucker made a joke.


and walked away.

This. Is. The. Fucking. Problem.

and just to be clear, i am okay. i am sharing this because writing is how I process and get through trauma.

i am not going to let that bastard ruin my day or my weekend or my life. but THIS is what is happening every single day. to men. women. CHILDREN. #ThisIsAmerica"

To read the reactions of the community click here.

To think that these officers would act like this, IN TODAY'S RACIAL CLIMATE, inadvertently is unbelievable. You'd have to be from Mars to NOT know that People of Color are uneasy when approached by police officers in this country. Heck even when WE call the police for help we end up getting shot! This encounter could have been handled a completely different way.

I'm starting to think that police departments need to take a day off and do some racial sensitivity training ala Starbucks!

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