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Jay-Z Takes the Stage with David Letterman to Talk Life, Scandal and Kanye. [WATCH]

I wonder if Beyonce' makes Jay-Z sign non-disclosure agreements? Probably not or he would be out a few million after his recent interview on David Letterman's "My Next Needs No Introduction". The rapper turned mogul opened up to talk about family drama, dealing with emotional issues and, of course, his brotherly love of Kanye West.

During the interview, Letterman, who is an old pro at getting folks to talk about their private lives, shared the story of his own infidelity that led to Jay-Z opening up about his very private indiscretion.

Via EW:

“I want to cry, I want to be open, I want to have the emotional tools that it takes to keep my family together,” Jay-Z told Letterman on the episode. “And, much like you, I have a beautiful wife who is understanding and knew that I’m not the worst of what I’ve done. We did the hard work of going to therapy, and… we love each other. So, we really put in the work.”

“This music that I’m making now is a result of things that have happened already,” he added, “and, like you, I like to believe that we’re in a better place today but still working and communicating and growing.”

Jay-Z’s infidelity was first alluded to on Beyoncé’s “Sorry” off her Lemonadealbum with the lyric “Becky with the good hair.” Since then, the hip-hop star, born Shawn Carter, addressed the cheating multiple times.

“I’m proud of the father and the husband that I am today because of all the work that was done,” he told Letterman.

Letterman wasn’t sure whether Carter was in a feud with Kanye West or not these days, but his guest will always consider Yeezy a brother from another mother.

“That’s my brother. We’re beyond friends,” he said. “Really! Like my little brother is Kanye and [with] your little brother, things happen sometimes.”

Reiterating that he has “no problem” with the rapper, Carter explained, “We don’t come from the same mom and dad, but I watched Kanye without an album. The thing I respect about him is that he is the same person. He interrupted our studio session and stood up on the table and started rapping, and we were like, ‘Could you please get down.’ He was like, ‘No, I am the savior of Chicago!'”

Here's a brief clip.

When it's all said and done, I'm glad he saw the error of his ways and that he needed to do some work on himself in order to be a better man for his children. If you're interested in watching the latest episode of "May Next Guest," head on over to Netflix and catch it there.

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