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Beyonce Taught Me! Chloe and Halle Release a Short Film for Their Album.

When you sit at the feet of Beyonce, you're bound to pick up a few things! The sibling duo Chloe and Halle Bailey have just released their newest album and, I must say, "The Kids Are Alright". . . own intended. The sisters started off singing covers on YouTube, then opening for Beyonce ad even appearing in her epic "Lemonade" film during the song "Freedom". The pair must have been paying close attention because they've released a short film to accompany their new work as well.

Though they hang tough with Beyonce, the ten minute short is something you'd expect from Solange, Beyonce's sister. The "altered" state of reality in the video is something the younger, and more chill, artists seem to be going for these days. The short reminds me of the 60's, kind of "trippy", but I think it suits their style, and their music, well.

Take a look, then post your thoughts.

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