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Say Whaaaat?!?! 23-Year-Old Woman Auctioning Off Her Virginity After Her Boyfriend Cheats!

Lord have mercy I can't even make this stuff up! 23-year-old Bailey Gibson grew up in a strict Christian household where she wasn't allowed to listen to certain music, watch television or have friends over. She attended an all girls boarding school and was saving herself for marriage. Aww, how sweet. Until, Gibson's boyfriend cheated on her not once but twice. After the first incident the couple attended a few therapy sessions where the young man, who was also raised in a Christian home, admitted to cheating with an ex-girlfriend and a woman he had just met. All of this took Gibson for a loop as the boyfriend had agreed to wait until marriage with her. After that, Gibson went all out!

She contacted the infamous "Bunny Ranch" in Nevada and set the wheels in motion to secure her financial future. Go ahead and read why she made the decision.

"I wanted to lose my virginity in the most profitable way possible. That’s when I found Dennis Hof and the Moonlite Bunny Ranch.'

While Hof did not respond to her first email, he eventually agreed to speak with her and the pair set up the auction, which is now being run on the ranch's website. The ranch has been involved with such business before, selling the virginity of Natalie Dylan for millions of dollars back in 2008.

Hof said: 'She wanted to save herself for the right guy and live what she thought was a wholesome and righteous life, and the world threw her a nasty curve ball.'So many millennials find it difficult to get their footing in today’s post-recession America, and young women have it harder than anyone.'I applaud Bailey for using every commodity at her disposal to make a better life for herself and cultivate a prosperous future.'

The brothel will keep half of the final bid price, while Gibson will keep the rest.

"She said: 'Society perceives me as a deviant, and I am okay with that. At the end of the day, it is my body. I have the right do what I want with it. 'Going through the Bunny Ranch allows me to legally have sex for money. Does this make me a prostitute? I don’t know. If you take a picture once, does that make you a photographer?'I do not think that capitalizing upon your purity makes you a bad person. Just like having sex with multiple men does not make you a bad person. We all make choices. Mine was to wait. Now it is to sell.'

I've heard of "using what you've got to get what you want" but this is a little extreme!

What are your thoughts on Ms. Gibson's decision?

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