Play or Pass: Jennifer Hudson Releases New Break-Up Music "Burden Down". [WATCH]

Jennifer Hudson has been in the news lately and it hasn't all been about her singing! She recently split from her long-time fiancé', David Otunga, and the two have been in a heated custody battle over their 8 year-old son, David Jr. Taking a page out of Mary J. Blige's book, Hudson released a new song, and video, entitled "Burden Down" that is quite reminiscent of an old Spiritual with some added strife. Check these lyrics.

"I'm a river, I keep running on

I'm a pillar you got used to leaning on

Underneath it, there's a person

I'm a woman and I'm hurting

Cuz I feel like I'm holding up the world

When I lay this burden down

Who's gon' take it up for me

When you run me in the ground

That's the day you're gonna see

For all I've done all along

Just for a moment can I not be strong

So how 'bout now?

Oh Can I lay this burden down"

She also throws some shade in the second verse saying "I deliver, each and every time. I'm a giver. I don't think about what's mine You keep asking, you keep taking and there's no reciprocation. I shouldn't have to do this by myself." Spill musical tea sis! Check out the video for this emotional song below.

She also performed the new song live on "The Voice" and her live performance was just as good as the video.

Who knew Jennifer could play the piano? Are you feeling this song? Is it a Play or Pass for you?

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