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People Magazine Names Country Singer, Blake Shelton, Sexiest Man Alive and Twitter Wasn't Having

When I tell you that the citizens of the internet, most notably those who live on Twitter, are hilarious, I MEAN IT! Yesterday People Magazine names Country singer Blake Shelton as their "Sexiest Man Alive" and the Twitterverse erupted in a thunderous chorus of "Naw Fam" in three part harmony!

Get into these tweets honey!

This tweet pretty much explains how everyone was feeling about their decision!

Like, who votes for these men? Who is the decision maker? I need to speak to their manager because there are definitely way better options in the back than they have on the showroom floor! Have we forgotten that Idris Elba and Jason Momoa are living and breathing? Lord help your people!

If you want more, there is another great read with hilarious tweets over on Awesomely Luvvie! In the meantime, I'm just going to pout and come up with alternative "Sexiest Man Alive" winners for 2017!

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