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"Moesha" Cast Reunites on The Real and Hints at a Possible Reboot! [WATCH]

If you're a child of the 90's or a fan of R&B singer Brandy, you definitely are familiar with the hit TV sitcom "Moesha". The show centered around "Moe", played by Brandy, her struggles learning to get along with her new step-mother Dee, played by Sheryl Lee Ralphy, her best friends, played by Countess Vaugh and Shar Jackson and everything else that plagues teenage girls! The show ran from 1996-2001 and ended just when fans would have liked to see how life after college for "Moe" would have been.

Over the years, two cast members have passed away. Comedienne Yvette Wilson, who played Andell, lost her battle with cancer in 2012 and actor Lamont Bentley, who played Hakeem, died in a car accident in 2005. As if death wasn't enough, there have been feuds and rumors of feuds between Brandy and Countess Vaughn that have driven a wedge between the castmates. The most recent rumor started by Countess Vaughn that Brandy was pregnant, is STILL circulating.

The entire surviving cast of "Moesha" recently sat down with the ladies of "The Real" and not only was it emotional. It was good to see them all in one place again! Watch their segment below.

Ok, now let's talk tea. Brandy does NOT look pregnant, Little brother Miles looks like he's been smoking cigarettes, Is Countess Vaughn losing her voice? Did y'all catch that shade Countess threw at 10:30ish? I guess some things never change! I've got questions and I'm sure you do too! Let's chat about the second coming of "Moesha" in the comments below!

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