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Evelyn Braxton Issues a Stern Warning to Vincent Herbert. "Keep Your Hands Off of My Child!&quo

Just when you thought things were looking up for Tamar and Vince, Tamar's mother, Evelyn Braxton, drops a verbal bomb! We've all known for some time about Vincent and Tamar's rocky domestic issues. If you need to refresh your memory, listen to this call that came from hotel staff stemming from an incident in August 2016.

After Tamar filed for divorce and Vincent hoping to reconcile, Evelyn Braxton was caught by TMZ and they reported:

"Tamar’s mom didn’t hold back at LAX Friday … sending a loud and clear message to Vince to keep his hands off her child. Evelyn is genuinely fearful that the impending divorce between Tamar and Vince could get deadly and desperately wants him to stay away from her."

Mama Bear has her claws out and is ready to rumble! Watch the full conversation below.

I guess we know of one Braxton who does NOT want to see the two work things out. Even though I want Tamar and Vince to stay together, I'm hoping that all parties involved get the peace, and help, that they need in order to move on.

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