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#45 Calls Kneeling NFL Players "Sons of B!tches" and Lebron James Issues Epic "Bum&qu

I swear I can't make this stuff up. #45 is at it again and this time he's aiming his hatred at NFL players who kneel instead of standing during the National Anthem. Really sir? Like, shouldn't you be worried about the fact that North Korea is getting ready to retaliate on US because YOU called their leader "rocket man"? Shouldn't you be worried about the hurricane victims or some other pressing matter?

Take a look at his sickening video below.

Not only did he spew this disgusting rhetoric in public but he also warmed up his Twitter fingers to speak out against NBA star Stephen Curry who had declined an invitation to the White House in support of Colin Kaepernick.

Well, looks like that was the last straw because Lebron "King" James hopped up on the scene and issued the clapback to end all clapbacks!

And the backlash didn't stop there! Check out these tweets calling for every player in the NFL to #TakeAKnee during every game!

What side of the fence do you stand on? Do you support the right to protest or do you feel everyone should stand in honor of the flag and anthem? Let's chat about this in the comments below!

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