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Winnie Harlow Gets Nakey Nakey Naked! [PHOTO]

If there was ever a poster child for beauty and self confidence, Winnie Harlow is that person! The 23 year old Canadian beauty gained national fame when she appeared as a contestant on America's Next Top Model and showed the world that vitiligo, a condition that causes loss of skin color, is just as beautiful as any other skin tone. There have been other famous folks who were diagnosed with vitiligo (Tamar Braxton and Michael Jackson) but none have rocked it quite like Winnie Harlow!

Last night Harlow took to her Instagram page to show the world God's handiwork in it's entirety. . . almost!

Get it girl! The post is the ultimate form of acceptance and a confidence booster to those who look to the world to define their beauty. Listen, if I had her shape I'd probably be on the 'gram nakey too. . . that's why God won't bless me like that. He knows what he's doing!

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