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Tamar Attempts to Bury the Hatchet with Tiny.

Sometimes all it takes is a public cussing out to get your act together. . .

Just yesterday Tamar Braxton's son Logan celebrated his 4th Birthday and like the proud mother that she is, Tamar flooded her Instagram page with images of her little boy over the years. As it turned out, Tamar wasn't the only one gushing over Logan's birthday, his godmother Tiny Harris did as well.

Tiny posted the picture below of Logan, aka Logie, to her Instagram page and expressed her joy in being his godmother and just how much she misses him. Well. . . Tiny's estranged husband, T.I. slid right into her comment section to call both of the ladies to the carpet concerning their feud. Check out the post below.

If you're not up on the whole raging feud that's been going on for months, it all boils down to Tiny congratulating Monica Brown (the singer) for being on The Real, the day-time talk show that Tamar was fired from. As you can see, T.I. (troubleman31) isn't here for their continued foolishness and wants it to stop, ASAPtually! I guess his words must have gotten through to at least Tamar because she took to her Instagram page today and posted the following photo and caption.

Whew! That was a mouthful but I applaud Tamar for apologizing for her part in their beef and for extending the olive branch toward her friends. Sometimes, you need to be snapped out of it in order to get your life together. I hope they can come to some sort of agreement, even if it's just for the kid's sake!

What are your thoughts on this situation? Let's chat about this in the comments below.

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