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Prince's Sister Releases New Music and Family Photos. . .

What better way to honor Prince than to record a tribute song, in his studio and release the visual on his birthday. Prince's sister, Tyka Nelson, premiered the visuals for her song "End of the Road" today, on what would have been the star's 59th birthday. The video features quite a few family photos that show a young Prince, both of their parents and various other family members. I must say that this is quite a lovely gesture and the song itself isn't bad at all. Tyka resembles her older brother and I think anyone on the street would possibly recognize the family connection if they looked closely enough. The major differences would be the fact that, although he was two years older, Prince definitely aged better, and that she's a woman.

"End of the Road" isn't Tyka's first go-round at having a music career. She actually has four albums under her belt to date beginning with "Royal Blue" released in 1988 and her most recent "Hustler" released in 2011.

Check out her new heart-felt tribute below and don't forget to share your comments!

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