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Just when the party was getting started, NETFLIX cancels. . .

It wasn't even a full month ago that I was ranting and raving about how much I LOVED "The Get Down' on Netflix! This show was everything those of us who grew up in the early ages of hip-hop loved and remembered from our childhoods. The graffiti, the clothing, the music and most of all THE DRAMA! Well, it looks like our party is over before it gets too out of control. NETFLIX has sounded the alarm for the final call on "The Get Down" after just ONE season!

via Deadline:

"The hip-hop-themed drama, set in the South Bronx section of New York City in the late 1970s, was among Netflix’s most expensive shows, with the 12-episode first season costing about $120 million.

The Get Down, which marked Luhrmann’s first TV series, went through a lengthy and difficult pre-production and production process, with showrunner and writer changes. The production delays led to the decision to air the first season in two batches, with the first one debuting last August.

While the first season carried Luhrmann’s creative stamp, with him serving as hands-on showrunner, he had said that his involvement in a potential second season of the Sony TV-produced series would be more limited.

In an interview with Vulture earlier this spring, Luhrmann had indicated that a second season is in the works. “To be honest, we have already developed the opening of the next season,” he said. “Sony and Netflix have been very driven about having a second season. There has been no question about that. They really want it.”

I'm absolutely crushed because I loved this show! I was looking forward to watching how each character developed and matured but, here I am adding them to the list of shows that have fallen by the wayside. Got me wanting to put producers in a headlock until they give me what I want.

Oh well, I guess I'll settle for re-watching the first, AND ONLY, season then hold my breath that no one tries to touch Luke Cage!

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