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Virginia Police Looking for Woman Who Left a Backpack Containing Human Remains in a Store Dumpster.

Chesterfield County Police in Virginia are looking for a woman that they say left a backpack of human remains in a dumpster.

At around 1:50pm today police responded to a call in 11000 block of Hull Street Road where a store employee said they found a suspicious backpack.

Here's how the incident began. An employee at the unidentified store said that a woman was seen on surveillance cameras placing the backpack into the store's dumpster.

The female then entered the store, in clear view of the in-store cameras, without the backpack before leaving the area. The employee got suspicious as to why the woman left her backpack so they went to go and check it out. When they dug the backpack out of the dumpster they noticed blood on it and immediately called the police.

Officers responding to the scene found what appeared to be human remains in the backpack.

Surveillance cameras at the store captured images of the female who left the bag in the dumpster. Anyone with information about this person's identity is asked to call police at 804-748-1251 immediately, as this female or someone else may be in need of medical attention in relation to this incident.

No details have been released on the identity, gender or age of the victim.

We will keep you updated as more details become available.


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