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Truck Catches Fire on Queens, New York Expressway!

One box truck driver is blessed to be alive today after his truck caught fire on a Queens expressway early this morning.

Reports say that the accident happened just after midnight on the westbound lanes of the Horace Harding Expressway near Junction Boulevard in Corona.

The truck driver jackknifed the vehicle, which carried propane tanks that caught fire, according to police.

The truck's driver told police that his rig slid on black ice that was coating the roads and his flatbed truck slid, out of his control, which caused him to "jack knife" and crash.

The truck driver suffered minor injuries and complained of pain and bruising, police said.

No criminality was determined, and authorities have secured the scene, police said.

We're so thankful that this driver came out of this accident alive. So many haven't made it out of lesser situations with their lives.


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