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Texas Father Allegedly Shook and Beat his Newborn Son to Death Because He Was Jealous of Him.

We can't stress enough how important mental health is and how one's mental health status plays a BIG PART of how they parent! We've cautioned mothers and fathers about leaving their children with their aggressive and abusive partners but, we also need to address leaving your child in the care of their own aggressive or mentally unstable parent.

A Texas father has been arrested for allegedly beating his newborn son to death. According to news sources, on Tuesday afternoon Houston police were called out to a Motel 6 located at 15101 Katy Freeway near Highway 6. When they arrived they found the lifeless body of 1-month-old Santana Robertson. Initially, details were scarce but, with more investigating, the child's father was arrested.

Officials said 33-year-old Jamal Edward Robertson was still being processed Friday morning and may be scheduled for a Monday court appearance.

Robertson is accused of beating his baby, Santana Robertson, because he was crying, court records show.

Alana Gabriel claimed Robertson hit and shook their son because he would not stop crying. Gabriel said she tried to intervene, but Robertson was violent with her and she was afraid of him.

She said she fell asleep that day and woke up and realized Santana was dead.

"This is not OK. You could've just walked away. You didn't have to do that to your own child, especially my child," Gabriel said.

Gabriel told authorities that Robertson was jealous of the attention Santana was getting from her. "Santana did not ask to come into this world. He's just a little baby. He was a good baby. He was a happy baby and this is what you do. You could have took it out on me, not him," Gabriel said.

Jamal is charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, being a felon in possession of a firearm, and aggravated assault of a family member. He may face additional charges following the completion of his son’s autopsy.

Jamal is due in court on Monday. His bond was set at more than $900,000.


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