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"Sweet" Neighborhood Woman Found Dismembered in Her Chicago Boarding House. Suspect was Her Tenant!

Residents in the 5900 block of North Washtenaw Avenue, just north of Thorndale Avenue, are suffering a great loss today after a woman they all described as "sweet" and "loving" was found murdered.

Chicago police were called to a home in the area after a resident of a boarding house reported the woman who owns the home missing. The unidentified resident of the home said that their landlord was no where to be found in the home but that they found blood on the walls and floor. That resident also told 9-1-1 that there was another tenant in the home that other residents were afraid of.

That tenant also reported that the "suspicious"tenant had been acting erratic, calling a tow truck, lugging large trash bags and was seen wearing a large puffy coat in 70 degree weather.

CBS 2 Investigator Megan Hickey spoke to the tow truck driver off camera who said his company was called to pick up a Chevy Equinox from the Washtenaw Avenue address and the owner of the vehicle, who is the suspect, got a ride in his back seat. He said the suspect was behaving strangely, and pulled a knife on him at the end of the ride.

He was not injured.

The tenant who called police had exchanged numbers with the tow truck driver, and after further investigation, police learned the suspect had dumped a large plastic bag into a garbage can at Foster Beach, about three miles east of the home.

When detectives checked that garbage can, they found bloody towels and secured the crime scene, and turned over the garbage can and all of its contents to the Cook County Medical Examiner's office.

After finding the bloody evidence in the garbage bags, detectives searched the home the suspect shared with the victim and found even more disturbing evidence. Reports say that there was a "human head found in the freezer" of the home. A search warrant was obtained to fully search the entirety of the home and that search did turn up more evidence.

Police said they're waiting on the Medical Examiner's report, but they strongly believe the human remains belong to the missing landlord.

Our prayers are with the entire community.


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