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Summer Walker Puts Her Pain to Music in Raw and Real New Release "Still Over It"! [LISTENING PARTY]

If there's one thing that women in music have learned from Adele and Cardi B, it's to put your pain into your music. R&B singer Summer Walker's sophomore album, "Still Over It", is the diary that every broken hearted women has written but, until this point, kept hidden. Last year Walker went through a very public breakup with music producer LondonOnDaTrack while she was pregnant with their child. Their little girl was Walker's first child but she was actually his fourth "baby mama". A fact that irritated the public especially when there were speculations and rumors that London was cheating.

In "Still Over It", Walker addresses every rumor, every worry and every thought she had during what should have been the most magical time of her life. She even addresses her feelings of being labeled "4th Baby Mama" in a song with the same title. The first track "Bitter" features a voicemail from Cardi B that has some of the most solid advice that a creative woman could receive when she's been wronged publicly. Don't act up in public, put it in your work.

The album takes you through every single emotion you could possibly have then ends with the one thing single women have been praying for. "Ciara's Prayer"! Spoken by singer Ciara, we get a prayer (possibly the one she prayed) that asks God to step in and heal the broken heart, help us grow from mistakes and be thankful for the children that have come from failed relationships.

If you're a lover of R&B, please take a listen to "Still Over It". Whether you're hurt or not, there's something on this album that everyone can relate to.


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