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Singer Eric Benét is Serving Up a New Psychological Thriller "Snap" to Debut on AllBLK!

If you thought that Eric Benét was only good at singing and creating music, then you're in for a surprise. The "Insane" singer has launched a new project that is insane itself! A new psychological thriller called "Snap"! In the vein of "Black Mirror" and "The Twilight Zone", the thrilling psychological anthology aims to address difficult social and ethical topics, head on, through a unique method of storytelling that disrupts conventional opinions.

Snap follows a perfectly imperfect god named “A.O.” who serves as the “moral compass” for the protagonist of each installment. When “A.O.” comes across a protagonist facing an unexpected scenario, he/she/they challenge(s) them to see themselves from the outside looking in…which in a “snap” will change the beliefs they’ve held onto for most of their lives.

Tackling deep-seeded societal issues like systemic racism, generational oppression, climate change, gender identity and abortion, the anthology sheds a light on broken systems, antiquated beliefs, and harmful misconceptions standing in the way of forward motion. In thought provoking, and sometimes fantastical ways, Snap serves to shake the collective conscience into acknowledging uncomfortable truths and recognizing we can no longer afford to stand idly by while agents of destruction, be they government forces, the media, or our very own selves, risk driving society at large aground. The show reminds us that the stakes are too high, and the ramifications too ominous, not to stand up and make noise.

Snap will star a host of lead characters including Eric Benét (Greed: A Seven Deadly Sins Story), Amiyah Scott (Star), Michael Buscemi (Blended, Nurse Jackie), Clifton Powell (Rush Hour), Tisha Campbell (My Wife and Kids, Inside Job) and more.

The series will premiere on AllBLK on December 22, 2022.


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