Retired Virginia Pastor Arrested for Sex Crimes Against a Minor. The Minor was Actually a Cop!

A Pastor in Norfolk, Virginia is behind bars for allegedly attempting to engage in a sex act with a minor! 66-year-old Victor Philip was arrested January 8 after authorities say he tried to initiate an illicit act at Northside Park on Tidewater Drive. Philip was arrested by an undercover police officer who was actually posing as the minor victim.

According to WTKR Philip is the former Pastor at Norfolk Calvary Church of the Nazarene on Newell Avenue which he's said to have retired from June 1, 2020. "The Norfolk Calvary Church became inactive in June 2020 due to lack of attendance, finances and involvement." said Phil Fuller the superintendent of the Virginia District Church of the Nazarene.

Philip was also a contractor for the Lake Taylor Transitional Care in Norfolk. On Tuesday the business sent News 3 a statement saying Philip was contracted to provide chaplain services but his contract was terminated as of January 11. They added that as it is an "ongoing legal matter," and had no further comment.

According to records, Philip began his pastoral ministry at Norfolk Calvary Church in October 1998.

He has been charged with six felonies of attempting to take indecent liberties against a minor, according to court records. There were no actual children present at the time Philip's crime was committed but, his intention was to have sexual contact with a minor. If you've ever watched an episode of "To Catch a Predator" then you'll know that merely showing up to a situation is enough to have you marked for life.

We're praying that this man hasn't actually been molesting children during the course of his career as a pastor. . . Anyone with any knowledge about Mr. Philip is asked to contact the Norfolk Police Department at (757) 664-7000.


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