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Ohio Woman Drowns Her 93-Year-Old Grandmother. Held Her Head “until she stopped blowing bubbles.”

Ohio authorities have arrested a woman after they say she drowned her elderly grandmother.

Police in Eaton, Ohio were called out to a residence in the 300 block of East Somers Street for a suspected homicide. When they arrived they found the body of 93-year-old Alice Matheny in a bathtub.

According to their report the woman's granddaughter admitted to killing her. She told police that she went behind her grandmother while she was doing dishes and she held her head in the sink “until she stopped blowing bubbles.”

She then told police she wasn’t sure if her grandmother was dead yet so she filled up the bathtub and held Alice under for 15 minutes until she stopped breathing and left her in the bathtub.

After drowning her grandmother the woman then walked to the sheriff's office.

Heidi Matheny, 35, of Eaton was arrested and booked into the Preble County Jail Tuesday. She was formally charged with one count of murder and had her bond set Thursday, according to Eaton Municipal Court records.

Police asked Heidi what led up to the drowning and she said “nothing special, it was a day like any other day”, according to a police report.

Matheny is being held on a $500,000 bond and is scheduled to appear in court next on Tuesday.


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