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Netflix Pulls Back the Covers on a Heinous Matricide in Their New Documentary "What Jennifer Did".

Huei Hann and Bich Ha Pan fled Vietnam for the safety of Canada in 1979. They were looking for refuge and a better environment to raise a family. They thrived in their new country and welcomed their daughter, Jennifer, in 1986. The couple doted on their daughter, gave her better opportunities than they were given and she excelled in school. All of Jennifer's peers said that she was exceptional, but took a turn for the worse shortly after she was awarded the honor of being valedictorian and getting into Ryerson University, one of the leading universities.

The year before graduation she started dating Daniel Wong, a fellow student with a criminal record who was allegedly dealing drugs.

Unilad reports that Jennifer Pan had a big setback after failing a calculus test, causing the university to withdraw her offer.

Fearful of her parents finding out about the setback, she forged report cards and later a diploma, telling them that she was studying to be a pharmacist.

From there things only snowballed, as she told her parents she was transferring to the more prestigious University of Toronto.

She even told them that she had been awarded a $3,000 scholarship.

Those lies were all discovered when her parents, deciding that something wasn't right, went to her job to "shadow" her and she wasn't there.

They wanted to kick her out but Bich Ha convinced Huei Hann that she should live with them, under strict instructions, one of which was to stay away from Wong. Wong had begun seeing someone else, and couldn't have her phone or computer without supervision. That's when Jennifer decided that she couldn't live under her parents rule and they couldn't live at all.

Jennifer and Wong devised a plan to murder her parents with the help of some hired hitmen.

Three men, David Mylvaganam, Lenford Crawford, and Eric Carty, entered the home and took her parents down to the basement and shot them, killing Bich Ha and leaving Huei Hann severely wounded.

Pan was the only witness to the events, but when her father awoke from his medically-induced coma, he told police that he saw his daughter talking with the men - leading to her to confess to the plot.

Pan received two life sentences with no possibility of parole after 25 years.

Wong, Mylvaganam, and Crawford were also given the same sentences.

After being initially declared a 'mistrial', Carty was sentenced to 18-years after pleading guilty to conspiring to commit murder in December 2015, with parole eligibility after nine years.

This heinous crime has sparked a new documentary from Netflix entitled "What Jennifer Did".

Here's the synopsis:

It was a violent crime that shook a quiet Canadian town: Mysterious intruders break into the home of Vietnamese immigrants, terrorize the family, and leave a traumatized daughter as the only witness. Neighbors and friends describe the family as hospitable, generous, and hard-working – how could they be targets? This feature-length documentary from director Jenny Popplewell (American Murder: The Family Next Door) uses police interrogation footage and testimony from those involved to unravel a web of complexities that no one saw coming.

We think that everyone would agree that this was an absolutely horrible way to handle parents who are just looking out for your best interest.

"What Jennifer Did" premieres on Netflix on April 10, 2024.



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