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More Details in Bloody Family Massacre. The Killer was a 16-year-old Boy. Bodies Found by Grandpa!

More details have become available in the West Virginia family massacre and they are shocking. As we previously reported, four family members were found dead in their home Sunday morning after a relative went to check on them. Reports have now confirmed that Daniel Dale Long, 37, Risa Mae Saunders, 39, Gage Ripley, 12, and Jameson Long, 3, were all found shot to death by the children's grandfather. After he found the bodies he went to a neighbor's home and asked them "Anybody been over here?" When they said that they hadn't seen anyone at the home the grandfather replied "Well they’re dead, they’re all dead."

The grandfather then told the neighbor that he found the "mom and dad dead, the middle boy […] was on the floor and the baby was under the bed."

Authorities have not released the identity of the boy who killed them but, they have said that he's a 16-year-old relative of the family. Long and Saunders were said to be husband and wife and the children are their sons. It's highly speculated that the killer was also their son but, that is unconfirmed.

In a press conference Kanawha County Sheriff Mike Rutherford said the oldest son who is 16-years-old had been found safe outside of the home but he could not give any more details. The age of the oldest son alone is enough for us to go ahead and add 2+2 and say that the older son murdered his family.

At this moment the police have not given the public any motive for the killings. The boy is being held on four charges of murder.


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