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Missing "Baby Holly" Found ALIVE 40 Years After Here Parents Were Murdered!

Around here, we're firm believers that miracles still happen! A baby who went missing 40 years ago has now been found and a cold case put to rest. Here's the backstory:

On January 12, 1981, police found the bodies of Harold Clouse, 21, and Tina Clouse, 17, in Houston; they were so badly beaten that they were not positively identified for years. Fox 13 reports that in October 2021, Identifinders International used genetic genealogy in connection with the case, which positively identified the victims as Tina and Dean. Tina had been strangled to death while Harold had been beaten and gagged, according to police. Their baby, Holly Marie Clouse, was no where to be found.

There were no leads and no suspects so, the families had to go on hoping and praying that little Holly was alive somewhere. Hopefully being cared for and loved. For years the families prayed that Holly would find her way back to them and, those prayers have finally been answered.

According to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, Holly Marie Clouse was found living in Oklahoma. The same genetic testing that was used to identify her parents was used to identify Holly as well.

“Finding Holly is a birthday present from heaven since we found her on Junior’s birthday,” her grandmother, Donna Casasanta, said via a family spokesperson. “I prayed for more than 40 years for answers and the Lord has revealed some of it.”

The Texas Attorney Generals’s office says Holly is now in contact with other surviving biological family members.

“After finally being able to reunite with Holly, I dreamed about her and my sister, Tina last night. In my dream, Tina was laying on the floor rolling around and laughing and playing with Holly like I saw them do many times before when they lived with me prior to moving to Texas,” Holly’s aunt, Sherry Linn Green, said

It’s unclear who she was living with or if any arrests have been made in connection with the case.

We're thankful that the remaining family members now have closure to a mystery that has been haunting them for years. We wish them all the best.


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