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Michelle Williams Kicks Some A** in Lifetime's Seven Deadly Sins Story "Wrath"!

One of the perks of being The Chatty Passenger is getting the inside scoop on brand new movies! We got the chance to screen the newest installment of Lifetimes' "Seven Deadly Sins" series "Wrath" and we have to admit, it was REALLY GOOD!

In the film, which is part of a seven film series from Lifetime and T.D. Jakes, singer and actress Michelle Williams plays Chastity Jeffries, an up and coming lawyer, who's been unlucky in love. Things are going pretty decent on the job but, one day, a chance encounter changes her life forever.

She meets Xavier Collins (Antonio Cupo), he seems to be everything she is looking for in a partner—handsome, smart and a lawyer as well. As his affection turns to obsession, Chastity realizes that she has been swept up by Xavier’s passion and abandoned her principles. When Xavier’s jealousy and wrath lead to suspicious actions and dangerous threats, Chastity confides in her mother Sarah (Tina Knowles-Lawson) and turns to her former childhood boyfriend Roger Thompkins (Romeo Miller). But in the end, it is Chastity that will have to fight to save herself.

Check out the trailer!

To say that Antonio Cupo was perfectly cast would be an understatement! This man was both charming and chilling in his depiction of Xavier. Knowles-Lawson was just as motherly as you'd expect her to be but, we need to talk about the physicality Williams has to bring to the film.

When asked in a recent interview about how she had to prepare for the role, Williams remarked that it took quite a few martial arts classes to get her up to skill and able to comfortable. "Wrath" deals with the sensitive subject of domestic abuse and because of that, we needed to ask the tough questions about it. We asked both Miller and Williams what advice would they give someone who's in a similar situation and Miller answered "Don't be afraid to set boundaries," people don't always set firm boundaries when dealing with pushy partners and they need to. He went on to say that you shouldn't "ignore red flags". It was at that moment that Williams chimed in saying "a red flag is a red flag. It's not pink and it doesn't change color the longer you look at it" adding "Red flags begin to look like six-flags when you're looking for love" so be careful.

"Wrath: A Seven Deadly Sins Story" premieres Saturday April 16th at 8pm on Lifetime!


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