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Lifetime's "Single Black Female 2: Simone's Revenge" is One Week Away and We Have the Tea!

In 2022 Lifetime shook up the thriller scene with they released "Single Black Female" starring Amber Riley and Raven Goodwin. The two actresses, most known for playing supporting characters, completely annihilated their lead roles in this psychological shake down. That film garnered over 8.0 million total viewers across linear and on digital platforms and was the #1 original non-holiday movie of 2022. Riley and Goodwin were cast as half sisters, a hilarious twist on the fact that for years the public have confused the two and some have even said that they were the same person!

This one was particularly amusing!

"Single Black Female" in 2022 ended in a way that made viewers believe everything was a done deal, however, that is NOT the case. "Single Black Female 2: Simone's Revenge" picks up right where the first left off and it is a wild ride on a curvy dark road!

Here's the official synopsis:

Three years after narrowly escaping the murderous clutches of her half-sister Simone (Amber Riley), Monica (Raven Goodwin) is ready for a fresh start in Seattle as the host of the city’s #1 primetime investigative television program. With her best friend Bebe (K. Michelle) by her side and a new love interest, things are looking up for Monica. Secretly nursed back to health and suffering from amnesia, Simone is building a new life when she comes across Monica on TV and her memories come rushing back, leading to a fateful reunion between the sisters. Can the two put the past behind them? Or will Simone’s need to get revenge win the day?

I got the chance to sit down with Goodwin to discuss what it was like to step back into the shoes of Monica Harris and get the scoop on Simone's resurrection. Goodwin says that she believes there is enough of a storyline for there to be several more parts. "I love it. It reminded me of all of those classic horror movies where [the killer] just won't die! So I love that they're turning Simone into this like, resilient, you can't touch me, I'm crazier than you think, kind of character that keeps coming back from the dead."

Goodwin also says that she'd like to see the movie series continue "If there's ten 'Halloween's' and ten 'Nightmare on Elm Streets' then there can be ten 'Single Black Females'!" I had the pleasure of screening this film and listen, when I say things go left and then there's a plot twist within a plot twist, I MEAN IT!

We also got to talk about what she hopes to do moving forward outside of her acting career. The actress, wife and mother says that we can expect a cookbook (I've already called dibs), cookware and she says she'd also like to have a fine jewelry line.

Goodwin also has her eyes set on spearheading her own projects. She started in entertainment industry at 8-years-old and now she wants to direct, "to put us in positions to tell more stories from our" point of view. "Directing is definitely up there. Pushing our voices forward is the goal." This one conversation with Raven Goodwin has solidified her as one of my top entertainers to watch!

"Single Black Female 2: Simone's Revenge" will air on Lifetime Saturday March 2, 2024 at 8pm. I've already seen it twice and I'll be watching again. Make sure you join me!


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