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Kountry Wayne and Carl Payne Team Up for a Supernatural Tale of “Strange Love”!

We've seen some crazy love stories but never anything quite like this! From the comedic mind of of Kountry Wayne comes a tale of ghosts, good intentions and edible goodies called "Strange Love".

The film stars Kountry Wayne, Marquitta Goings, Carl Payne II, Patrice Lovely, Michael Anthony, Chantal Maurice, Shirlene “Ms. Juicy” King, Rolonda Rochelle, and Erica Pinkett. When we say the cast members are all the ingredients you need for a hit comedy, we mean it!

Here's the synopsis:

Deshawn (Kountry Wayne) and Megan (Marquitta Goings) are a young married couple living in a crappy apartment. Between the holes in the walls, door off its hinges, and obnoxiously loud neighbors, Megan finds it impossible to get in the mood for sex. Desperate to repair his relationship, Deshawn contacts a sleazeball real estate attorney, Raymond (Carl Anthony Payne), who talks them into buying their supposed dream home on the cheap. On arrival, they discover their new home is actually a dilapidated house chock full of spooky surprises. With nowhere else to go, they ignore the many warnings from the neighborhood about the house and stay. While trying and failing to create a happy home together, Deshawn meets and falls for Candice (Erica Pinkett), a sexy and irresistible ghost who makes him feel like the King of his castle. She cooks, cleans, and gives him a night to remember. Things hit their breaking point and Megan finally leaves. Desperate for attention, Deshawn turns to Candice. The only question left is will Deshawn save his marriage with Megan or will he choose Candice’s Strange Love?

Check out the trailer below!

We got a chance to sit down with the cast and talk about "Strange Love" from both a creative and consumer point of view. We have to admit, this cast is just as funny and relatable off-screen as they are on-screen. Each had a unique story of how they became involved in the project with Rolonda Rochelle saying she was "grandfathered in" because she's a veteran in the Kountry Wayne skit universe. Michael "Mike Bless" Anthony's character was developed with him in mind and Marquita Goings auditioned for a secondary part but was chosen for the leading actress role. A choice that couldn't have been any better!

"Strange Love" is a passion project for Kountry Wayne. It is his first role as a leading man. He is self-financing the project in partnership with Tressa Smallwood of MegaMind Media. Wayne and Tressa are Executive Producers through Kountry Wayne Entertainment and MegaMind Media, respectively.

"Strange Love" is directed by Carl Anthony Payne II and written by Emma Franklin. Donte Lee and Jermaine Smith also serve as Executive Producers. Additional Producers are Ibrahim YIlla and Knia Bonds. "Strange Love", written by Emma Franklin, is now streaming on Prime Video.


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