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#IKYL Mother Arrested After She Sent Her Toddler to PreSchool ALONE in a Lyft!

At this point, someone needs to take custody of Stephanie Goddu's children and keep them safe. The 34-year-old mother of three was taken into police custody last week after they say she sent her 3-year-old daughter to preschool in a Lyft unsupervised.

The Lyft driver transported the child to the facility but the center staff required her to be chaperoned into the building. The staff alerted police because, this WASN'T the first incident where Goddu had been careless with her children.

According to the Manchester Police Department first incident occurred when the two children failed to show up at the day care facility. Employees contacted police, prompting officers to make a call to Goddu’s house.

Upon arrival they found Goddu “incoherent and disoriented.” They also found the three-month-old covered in urine and strapped to a carrier seat that was positioned less than six feet away from a heater. The infant was additionally wrapped in heavy clothing and a blanket, giving rise to concerns that the baby could potentially overheat.

The observed condition of the infant prompted further investigation into Goddu, revealing the Lyft incident and giving enough reason to lead to Goddu’s arrest.

Goddu did not initially comply with police, barricading herself in her apartment until officers were able to reach her. Due to this, she was additionally charged with resisting arrest.

Goddu, also known as Stephanie Camelo, was previously arrested after authorities found her infant daughter dead inside her home in October 2015. Police said Goddu left the baby in the care of her 8-year-old daughter when the incident happened.

Court documents reportedly stated that Goddu’s 8-year-old was made to watch the newborn numerous times, and was expected to feed her, change her diaper, and care for the baby overnight.

This woman is seriously unfit and it's about time someone recognized it! Can you imagine what the Lyft driver must have been thinking while driving a toddler all alone? Thank God this driver wasn't one of the creepy ones that we hear about who molest, abuse or murder their passengers!

Goddu is behind bars but, there is no word on who has custody of her children.


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