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Grandmother Faults CPS for Not Saving Grandson who was Found Dead in a Freezer.

A Detroit mother who has been charged with murdering her own toddler had prior allegations of child abuse. Charges that the child's grandmother, Patricia Davis, says should have led to the child being removed from the home long ago.

Azuradee France was arrested after police found her 3-year-old son’s body in a freezer while conducting a wellness check on June 24. According to Detroit News, police and family confirm the child was abused by France in 2018 when he was just 2 years old. Davis said when she picked her grandson up from France’s home, he had been abused and was soaked in urine.

“He was beat up pretty bad. Like, black eyes, wounds on his private area -- and he was hurting,” Davis said. “So I had picked him up to put him in her mom’s -- took the washing. But when I went to pick him up, he started screaming and crying, you know, like you gasping for air.”

He was brought to a hospital. Sources tell Local 4 that CPS and Detroit police were involved. The case did go to court.

“I remember the lawyers stating to us that she was going to lose her children and that she will be getting locked up for her crimes,” Davis said.

France was charged with third-degree child abuse, which was later reduced to fourth-degree child abuse. She served two years of probation and her children were returned to her.

“I just feel like if they would have followed through with what they said they were going to do. I feel, my personal opinion, that Chase would be alive today,” Davis said. “I blame them because they had the upper hand -- meaning protective services because the judge is going to react off the notes.” says a statement from the Wayne County Prosecutor.

“The Child Abuse Third Degree charge was dismissed in return for a plea to Child Abuse 4th Degree. The offer was approved by a supervisor on January 3, 2022, with two years probation, completion of parenting classes, mental health assessment and 40 hours of community service. ( See other provisions listed in the register of actions below. )

Ms. Frances had no prior criminal history and no CPS history prior to this 2018 case. The offer made at the time took this into consideration as well as the facts of the case, the nature and severity of the injuries to the child and that Defendant France would have no further contact with the victim. *

This is consistent with our plea policy when the case is absent serious injuries and the defendant has no prior criminal history.”

This little boy didn't have to die and the fact that these children were returned to their mother with minimal monitoring is sad. France has been charged with felony murder, first-degree child abuse, torture and concealing the death of an individual.


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