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Georgia Man Arrested for Allegedly Breaking the Neck of an Infant and Trying to Smother Tiny Twins!

At a time when most families would be in the throes of joy, one Georgia family is in an uproar after their babies were attacked.

Police in Rome, Georgia say that a man allegedly broke the neck of a premature baby while trying to smother the child, and its twin, with a pillow.

Medical records show that the babies, both girls, were born five months premature and were only three months old at the time of their attack.

22-year-old Robert Terrell Dubose Jr., was arrested eight days after the attack on the girls October 3rd. Police reports say that Dubose allegedly placed a pillow over both babies and applied so much force that he broke the neck of one of them. Police suspect Dubose attempted to smother the girls because they "were crying".

Both babies were transported to a hospital and their condition is unknown.

No matter what their physical condition, we are sure that this is going to leave a lasting impact on their family. At this time, the babies have not been identified, nor has it been made known what relation Dubose is to them.

Dubose was arrested on three felony charges: two counts of child cruelty and one count of aggravated assault. He is currently behind bars.

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