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Former FBI Contracted Worker Charged After Attempting to Sexually Exploit Teen Boys.

An ex-contractor for the FBI has been arrested and charged with enticing young boys. Records show that the man befriended the young boys, groomed them, then told them that he worked for " a U.S. intelligence agency" and that he would commit suicide if the children cut off contact with him.

According to court documents, posted by the US Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Virginia, Brett Janes, 26, of Arlington, Virginia, allegedly contacted roughly a dozen minor boys over Discord and Snapchat. Janes allegedly enticed one victim, a 13-year-old boy whom he met through the first-person shooter game Valorant, to strip and masturbate over a live video Discord call by threatening to kill himself and by paying him money over CashApp. He allegedly enticed a 12-year-old boy to create and send him child sexual abuse material (CSAM) over Discord through flattery and repeated begging. Janes allegedly received child sexual abuse material from these two minors, as well as two separate minor victims, and attempted to meet up with a minor. He also allegedly purchased hundreds of videos and images of child sexual abuse material from Telegram.

Janes is charged with two counts of sexual exploitation of children and production of CSAM, one count of attempted coercion and enticement, and one count of receipt of child pornography. If convicted, he faces a mandatory minimum of 15 years in prison and a maximum penalty of life in prison.

We encourage parents to check out for ways to protect their children from predators online. They suggest that you get in front of these things by educating your children about predators. Most importantly, talk to your children about sharing photos and videos with people they online. Honestly, no photo sent online is safe.


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