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Federal Grand Jury Indicts Suspect Cecily Aguilar Who Helped Dismember Vanessa Guillen on 11-Counts!

It's been a long time coming but progress is being made in insuring that the family of Vanessa Guillen receives justice for her murder. Guillen was last seen in April of 2020 and her family had grown alarmed when they hadn't been able to reach her. Guillen was found murdered and dismembered last June after disappearing from her Army post at Fort Hood in Texas. Since that day her family, and the rest of the country, have been demanding that those who are responsible for her murder be punished.' Today, we are one step closer.

Cecily Aguilar, who confessed to helping dismember and hide Guillen's body, has been indicted by a grand jury on 11 counts related to her death. The 11-count indictment includes charges of accessory after the fact, destruction of records in a federal case, conspiracy to tamper with documents and issuing false statements.

Aguilar was charged in July 2020 for her alleged role in Guillen's death. She was the girlfriend of the main suspect in Guillen's death, 20-year-old Aaron Robinson, an Army Specialist who was named a person of interest.

In March 2021, Aguilar asked a federal judge to toss her confession, saying it was taken illegally. Last month, a judge disagreed, saying she provided the information voluntarily.

According to federal court documents, officers did not read Aguilar her Miranda rights at the start of an interrogation that took place on June 30, 2020. The documents state Aguilar was being questioned about Robinson.

video of Aguilar's conversation with investigators was revealed.

The 22-year-old is seen on camera saying, "I'm ready to get this **** over with" before sitting down to speak with them.

Aguilar's public defenders have not spoken publicly about the case. ABC13 also reports that Aguilar told investigators Robinson forced her to participate in the crime saying he held a gun to her head and demanded her to go to the Leon River that evening in April.

Aguilar also claims her phone was taken away and that officers did not tell her anything she said could be held against her in court.

Aguilar reportedly helped lead law enforcement to Robinson, before he was confronted and killed himself.

It looks like Aguilar is going to have to fly solo on the charges for a case she never should have put herself into.



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