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Father and Son in Alabama KILL EACH OTHER After a Dispute Over a Dog!

An incident involving four family dogs and a tormented child led to a father and son allegedly shooting and killing each other.

Chief investigator for the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, Blake Richardson, says Nicholas Coker, 32, allegedly started shooting at four of the family dogs after one of them started messing with his girlfriend’s young child. According to Nicholas' brother, Nicholas shot and killed two of the four dogs. One dog belonging to him and the other belonging to their father.

"His brother said dad is going to be upset that you killed his dog and Nicholas allegedly pointed the shotgun at his brother and using choice language more or less told him to get off his property or he would kill him," said Richardson.

Moments later 60-year-old Kelvin James Coker pulled up to his son’s home in his truck and a confrontation started.

"Nicholas pointed his shotgun at his father and his father then... who was seated in his vehicle drew his handgun, fired a shot and struck Nicholas."

Nicholas, who was shot in the torso, allegedly fired back with his shotgun striking his father in his neck and killing him. "

Nicholas died shortly after he was shot.

Local authorities say that this isn't the only time they have had to deal with gun violence within this family. Back in 2012 James Coker shot his other son three times in the arm and was charged with first degree assault.

Although there is still an investigation into this case it is being considered pretty open and shut.


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