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Dog Whisperer, Cesar Milan's, Dog Allegedly Killed Queen Latifah's Dog and Attacked a Gymnast.

Well, it looks like Hollywood likes to keep mum on more than what goes on behind closed doors.

According to a report done by People, a dog owned by acclaimed dog trainer, Cesar Milan, allegedly has gone wild!

The 52-year-old dog trainer is the subject of a lawsuit after his pit bull allegedly bit a gymnast and killed Queen Latifah's dog years ago, according to TMZ, who obtained a copy of the legal documents.

Lidia Matiss, a gymnast who filed the complaint and is represented by attorneys Omar G. Qureshi and Brian M. Adesman, alleges that she went to visit her mom, who worked for Millan, at his training facility in 2017. That's where she came across the Dog Whisperer star's pet Junior, who was "unsupervised and unleashed," according to the outlet.

Matiss said that the dog began to attack her and bit her numerous times on the legs. When she arrived at an emergency room after the incident, TMZ said her "injures were severe." The athlete claims the occurrence also stopped her from later competing in her sport due to pain.

According to TMZ, Cesar filed an answer to the lawsuit, claiming, among other things, Lidia assumed the risk of being bitten because she knew of the danger. He also claims Lidia herself was negligent, although he doesn't say how.

Lidia says the bite left her impaired ... wounded, disfigured and she continues to suffer physical and emotional pain. She's suing for unspecified damages.

The lawsuit is ongoing.

Whew Lord! This looks like it's going to carry on for a while unless Matiss decides to settle out of court!


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