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"Did You Delete the Videos?" Ohio Social Worker Arrested for Sexually Assaulting Teen on Camera!

A mother in Columbus, Ohio found some disturbing content on her son's phone that prompted her to immediately call police.

Police say that the mother of an unidentified 13-year-old by contacted them on Friday after she found suspicious and disturbing text messages on her son's phone. The mother told police that the text messages were in a conversation between her son and his social worker!

The mother became increasingly concerned when she saw a particular message that said "Did you delete the videos?" and another saying "Did your mother see these messages?" When the boys mother searched his phone, she didn't find anything so, she contacted the police.

Columbus Police obtained a warrant and searched through the digital memory of the teen's phone. That's where they found everything!

According to NBC 4, the mother gave her son’s phone to the Columbus Division of Police as evidence. After getting a warrant, investigators found a video of the boy's social worker, 24-year-old Payton Shires, engaging in sexual acts with the teen on the device. The criminal complaint said CPD then joined the mother for a phone call with Shires, where she admitted to participating in multiple sexual acts with the 13-year-old.

Shires, of Mount Sterling, faces a felony charge of sexual conduct with a minor. Franklin County Municipal Court records accused her of having sex with a 13-year-old Columbus boy for whom she was assigned to provide mental health counseling services.

Shires, who obtained her license in social work just this past June, was formerly employed with the National Youth Advocate Program but there is no word on where she was currently employed.

The Columbus SWAT team took Shires into custody without incident. CPD said prosecutors may add more charges later on. Shires is due back in court for a preliminary hearing on Oct. 16.


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