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Cops Use OnStar to Stop the Car of a Man Who Murdered a Pastor in His Church!

We all knew that having OnStar in our cars was good for unlocking doors, calling for roadside assistance and other diagnostic features but, not all of us knew that the valuable feature could do this!

Police in Texas used OnStar to stop the vehicle of a man who was fleeing the scene of a murder!

It all started last night when several people called reports in to the Lindale Police Department reporting a man brandishing a gun from the sunroof of his car. When police arrived at the scene they never found the man or the car. Several moments later, another police unit saw the car and it's driver, identified as 21-year-old Mytrez Deunte Woolen, at a Chevron station. The officer attempted to stop Woolen but he sped off leading the officer on a chase. Other units joined in the chase on I-20 with Texas Department of Public Safety troopers joining the in. The SCSO says Woolen exited onto Highway 271 before turning onto Farm-to-Market Road 757. At the intersection of Farm-to-Market Road 757 and Farm-to-Market Road 16, the SCSO says Woolen's vehicle ran off the road where it came to a stop on the property of Starrville Methodist Church. Officials say Woolen got out of the vehicle an ran into the woods behind the church.

The officers lost track of Woolen and the search area was expanded. The SCSO used deputies, K-9 units and a drone as they tried to located Woolen. After several hours, the search area was expanded as officials felt Woolen had escaped the established perimeter. The SCSO says evidence in the vehicle led officials to the suspect's identity. A shotgun was also found.

"Law enforcement personnel remained in the area for several hours in an attempt to locate the suspect," a press release from the SCSO said. "Additionally, the shotgun that had been displayed by the suspect was recovered at the scene of the crash during the pursuit."

Smith County Sheriff Larry Smith believes Woolen hid in the church sometime between 2:30 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. Sunday.

This morning, shortly after unlocking the building, the church's pastor, Mark McWilliams, 62, found Woolen hiding in a bathroom stall. According to Sheriff Smith, McWilliams was armed, pointed a gun at the Woolen and asked him to leave. However, Sheriff Smith says Woolen disarmed the McWilliams, shot and killed him. Officials say Woolen also shot a male victim who underwent surgery for non-life threatening injuries. Sheriff Smith says Woolen shot at the pastor's wife, Rosemary, but missed. However, she did sustain a shoulder injury from a fall while running away.

Woolen then stole Pastor McWilliams' vehicle and attempted to get away. Several other police departments joined in the chase and OnStar was called to stop the vehicle. He was finally stopped and taken into custody at an intersection without further incident. After searching the vehicle police found a weapon, possibly the one used to kill McWilliams.

At some point during the two day ordeal, Woolen suffered a gunshot wound to the hand and was treated at a Tyler hospital. He has since been booked into the Smith County Jail on two counts of aggravated assault (aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury) and one count of capital murder. His bond has been set at $3,500,000.

There's no word if Woolen was on some type of substance or what his motive was for killing McWilliams. We're glad this man is off of the streets.


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