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California Corrections Officer Cut a Hole in Her Uniform to Make it Easier to Have Sex with Inmate!

This California Corrections Officer took the term "if loving you is wrong, I don't wanna be right" too damn far!

Tina Gonzalez, 26, who worked as a correctional officer from 2016 to 2019, was arrested on May 1 last year after an investigation by the Sheriff’s Office’s vice unit and the department’s internal affairs division.

Here are the details of the investigation. According to reports, Gonzalez had a consensual sexual affair with an inmate under her authority. The tip off came after Gonzalez allegedly gave the inmate a cellphone for having sex with her. She also gave him razors, which apparently angered her former boss, Assistant Sheriff Steve McComas. McComas said bringing razors to an inmate is allowing a potential weapon inside the jail.

Reports also state that Gonzalez had sex with the inmate in full view of 11 other inmates at the detention center. This act was allegedly made possible by a hole she'd cut into her uniform that allowed her lover "easy access".

Their affair was found out after prison officials searched the inmates cell and found his cellphone. Gonzalez quit shortly afterwards but, that didn't stop prison officials from bringing her in for questioning. You'd think that she would ghost the inmate until this all got settled or he got out, right? Wrong! Phone records show that Gonzalez remained in contact with the inmate even after being caught!

Gonzalez pleaded no contest to a felony count of sexual activity by a detention facility employee with a consenting confined adult, a felony count of possession of drugs or an alcoholic beverage in a jail facility, and a misdemeanor count of possession of cellular device with intent to deliver to an inmate, Assistant District Attorney Steve Wright confirmed.

Gonzalez, who has been a corrections officer since 2016, has been sentenced to two years probation and seven months in the county jail.

We hope it was worth is.


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