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Beyonce' Steps into the Haircare Market with New Line Entitled "Ce'Cred"!

Beyonce' from her official Instagram

As if recording, touring, momming and wife'n wasn't enough, Queen Bey has just added a new business venture to her already booked and busy schedule. A haircare line! It was only last year that Mrs. Carter launched a fragrance during her Renaissance tour that had fans in a frenzy trying to find out exactly what Beyonce' herself might smell like! Now, it seems, the Queen demands that we take care of our strands! She released a teaser on Instagram with clips of hair in various stages and even a peek of her at what might have been the shampoo bowl? Take a look.

From the looks of the teaser Ce'Cred is pronounced "Sacred" and we're here for the French-Creole styled spelling. It also looks like she's going to school the children on why it's important to care for your hair and not do things to it just because society thinks you should. Yeah, we're looking at everyone who was mad about Blue Ivy's afro back in the day.

Almost 12 hours after the teaser, fans got an email that publicly launched the Ce'Cred website with a personal note from Beyonce'.

The anticipated release date is February 20, 2024 and you can subscribe to their mailing list by visiting the Ce'Cred website. What a great way to celebrate Black History Month.

Congratulations Beyonce'!


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