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Baltimore Man Arrested for Allegedly Shooting His Two-Year-Old Daughter Between the Eyes.

Just a week before Christmas and a family in Maryland won't be planning any festive get-togethers. Instead, they're planning a funeral. A little girl, two-year-old Charlee Gamble, has been killed and the man responsible for her death is allegedly her father.

According to reports, 28-year-old Christopher Gamble shot his daughter Sunday and attempted to cover it up. Police responded to a call to an area hospital with reports of a toddler who had been shot. The reporting hospital stated that the child wasn't expected to live "through the night."

Records alleged that Gamble initially brought his wounded daughter to the hospital and immediately handed her off to staff before he “drove away” in his Acura.

He later returned with the child’s mother and was wearing different clothing, police said. She was not identified by police at this time.

Unraveling what happened to the girl, detectives said they interviewed Gamble and learned that on the car ride to the hospital, he exclaimed, “I have to die…it was my fault.”

Police say that at the time of the shooting Gamble was in the home, that he shares with the child's mother, with three other children in his care. He was in the master bedroom with Charlee when the shooting happened.

His interviews with police were often conflicting, according to charging documents.

At first, he allegedly told them his daughter must have taken a gun he left on his TV stand in the bedroom.

He “implied that his daughter shot herself,” police said.

Gamble had trouble explaining where the firearm went, however. Police secured search warrants for his home and car and were unable to locate it. There was also no blood in the home or other evidence, they said.

Though he admitted the gun was purchased illegally for $600 “off the street,” police said when they pressed him further about the weapon’s whereabouts, he said he didn’t know where it was.

Christopher Gamble was arrested and has been charged with first-degree murder, second-degree murder, assault, child abuse resulting in death, and nearly a half dozen gun charges.

Baltimore's mayor, Mayor Brandon Scott, has called for all of the adults involved to be investigated in this case.


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