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Arizona Authorities Find Body Parts in the Dessert that May Have Been Illegally Dumped!

Human remains were found in two different locations in an Arizona dessert over the weekend and officials believe they may have been illegally dumped there.

Deputies were notified about the remains near Prescott on Saturday and an examination confirmed they were human, according to a statement released Sunday by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.

Crews searched the area, finding more and more parts, until it was too dark to continue. The search was paused briefly and resumed at first light on Sunday morning.

Additional remains were found Sunday in the Camp Wood area off Williamson Valley, northwest of Prescott.

Yavapai County Medical Examiner Dr. Jeffrey Nine said it appears the remains from both sites are from a medical institution and were intended for use in the educational and research field.

"There are rigorous standards regarding the control, transportation and use of cadavers and associated body parts," the sheriff’s office statement said. "Abandoning remains in this manner is a serious crime and it is the intent of the Sheriff’s Office and Medical Examiner to find those culpable for such disrespect shown in the cavalier way the remains were discarded."

The Sheriff’s Office said it is treating the investigation as a homicide until proven otherwise.

As you can imagine, this is absolutely disgusting to the people who live in the area. Knowing that someone willingly littered the area with body parts is beyond inhumane.


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